The article examines the economic essence and characteristics of property tax, its importance in budget revenues, the formation of tax revenue by groups of taxpayers, the current situation, and comments on the problems in this regard and their elimination are presented.The changes made in the tax system of our republic in recent years serve to bring it closer to the world tax system, to optimize taxation obligations for all economic entities. At the same time, the fact that some problems remain in the current mechanism of property tax and land tax, and the need to improve them based on the requirements of the times, requires the introduction of real estate tax instead of these taxes. The introduction of the real estate tax in our country, which is effectively used in the world tax practice, shows the need to improve the current property tax and land tax. The introduction of the real estate tax is carried out by improving the definition of the property tax and land tax base, requiring the determination of the value of property and land resources at the market price.In our republic, property tax is paid by legal entities and individuals. The procedure for calculating property tax paid by legal entities and individuals and paying it to the budget differs sharply from each other. At the same time, the fact that the base of the land tax is determined as the total area of the land plot, regardless of the value of the land plots, creates complications in the implementation of the real estate tax.The establishment of measures for the gradual implementation of the property and land tax calculation system on the basis of the cadastral value of real estate objects close to the market value indicates the need to improve the current mechanism of these taxes.The introduction of the real estate tax serves to ensure the fairness of taxation and to increase the efficiency of the economic mechanism aimed at the efficient use of resources, while bringing property taxes closer to the world tax system.



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