• Dr. Sanjeev Kumar,


Gandhi has been a world phenomenon the vastness and complexity of whose bewildering impact on the people of the different parts of the globe has not been fully and properly assessed to this day might possibly he regarded by some as a controversial fact but the fact that appearance of these phenomenon has resulted during all these years in the creation a certain totality of intriguing situation in our country and elsewhere demanding closer and closer understanding will perhaps be readily granted.It, therefore, seems necessary to us to interpret Gandhi by relating his theory to his activity.In his thesis on Fecuerbach Karl Marx had also argued that the real task of social philosophers was to change the world rather than 2 interpret it. It is a task to which everyone subscribes Gandhi is no exception to it. In fact one can are you that Gandhi is an outcome of his own reflection on the modes of his own activity undertaken chiefly to change the society of which he was a part.



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